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Discount Coupon websites in India/Pro

 Websites and coupon codes are so outdated. They simply don’t work anymore.

Back in the old days, there weren’t many sites where you could find coupon codes and various sites offered coupons that gave significant discounts. However now a days, as soon as coupon code is released, it is featured on one site or the other and hence reaches almost all potential users who have become smart enough to open site later, search for coupons first. As a result, the website/service providers have also become smarter and now only provide coupon codes which are good to new users. For old users, they simply don’t work and there’s nothing for regular users.

I left using coupon codes about 6 months back when I discovered inOne App. It’s an app that allows me to uninstall Ola, Uber, Food Panda, Zomato and various other apps which I have been using, as it provides features from all of them. But the best thing is it already fetches the best coupons which are going on various sites and while I order/book something on it’s app, it gives me a list of functional coupons that I can apply and order. It not only saves my time but also gives me benefit of saving mobile space, battery, performance among other things.

You can download the app from Play store by searching “inone app”. It’s the one with four coloured dots in it’s logo.

There seems to be so many coupon sites in India to choose from, so I have a little list of the best sites with the items you would want.

If you are searching for:

Travel: If its travel you want whether that be ticket booking, hotels or flights some of the best sites to visit are: MakeMyTrip, Oyo Rooms and Yatra.

Groceries: For all things home food/ drink based, try BigBasket and Godrej Natures Basket, offering you anything and everything you could possibly want to stock up on.

Beauty: Beauty wise, whether that be make-up or personal care, try Nykaa or The Body Shop. Displaying any items you need, from shampoo to lipstick.

Childrens: The best site for children’s products, whether that be clothes, toys or diapers. They also offering between 30-40% off a lot of essential items.

Food and Entertainment: The obvious ones of Dominos and Pizza Hut always offer some sort of “deal” or “offer”, however sites like Swiggy also do. Entertainment wise BookMyShow and Nearbuy are fantastic!

As well as those sites, you could also receive a further saving!

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